Binaural Beats for Bitcoin

Here at MindBendingBeats, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with high quality brainwave entertainment.

Through the use of EEG’s, binaural beats have shown to be effective when used to direct ones brainwaves into altered states of consciousness.

All of our binaural tones are in OGG and FLAC format. FLAC is a lossless audio codec, meaning the audio files are not compressed and none of the quality is lost. Unlike the mp3 file format, it’s completely free and has no expensive royalties. OGG also has no royalties, but is lossy and compressed like mp3.

FLAC format is supported by Android 3.1+, Ubuntu/Linux through the “flac” package, Mac OS X (through VLC Media Player), iPhone via an app, iTunes/iPhone/PS3 through converting to mp3 with Max, Blackberry devices, and more. OGG is supported by Android, Linux, iPhone via an app, Mac OS X via a Quicktime component. Click here for the full list of devices that support ogg. They can be easily converted to other formats for use in a wider range of products. (please note we’re not paid to endorse anything)

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Personally, we are huge advocates for online privacy and free market capitalism, which is why we accept crypto-currencies.

We currently only accept payments via Bitcoin through our verified BitcoinPay merchant account.

Bitcoin is rapidly gaining popularity, strength, and trust. How can I buy Bitcoins?